Meet Our Educator

De Carla Burton M.Ed. is a Family Child Care Educator and entrepreneur with over 20 plus years experience. She is the proud 2001 recipient of the Kohl McCormick Teachers Award and the owner and director of Jump Smart Learning Academy Group Home providing child care forchildren ages 2 to 7.

Jump Smart Learning Academy is a certified Nature Classroom which Ms. Burton believes is a wonderful way to connect children to the natural world to promote exploration and hands-on learning. In addition, to connecting children with nature, Ms. Burton believes that teaching African American Pre-schoolers Black History “All Year Round” is necessary to develop children’s self-esteem, self-worth, and instill pride as they learn about Black Americans that achieve “Greatness” despite of the challenges they encounter.

De Carla is a training consultant for her company Sharing Knowledge Consulting and family child care coach inspired to assist family child care educators on strategies to successfully brand and grow their business.

She has many years of training experience providing early childhood workshops on best practice. She also conducts workshops for the State of Illinois, Helen Miller SEIU METC Training Center and for Kohl Children’s Museum training educators on the Project Approach.

Mrs. Burton is the founder of S.P.N.A. Supporting Professionals Network Association a non-for-profit organization that brings family child care professionals together for networking and training. Currently, SPNA has over 120 members.

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Areas of Excellence:

  • Over 20 years of remarkable experience in Best Practice
  • and Early Childhood.
  • Ability to bring best practices with examples of work
  • Superior communication skills
  • Family Child Care Coach
  • Certified Nature Classroom