Meet Our Educator

De Carla L. Burton, M.Ed, is a distinguished Family Child Care Educator with over two decades of expertise in early childhood education. As the founder and director of Jump Smart Learning Academy, she specializes in nurturing and educating children aged 2 to 12. In her role as an Educational Consultant and CEO of Sharing Knowledge Consultants, Mrs. Burton leads the way in providing groundbreaking training programs for educators, focusing on a range of pivotal educational topics.

Author of the “Black History Teacher’s Manual Leadership Series 1,” Mrs. Burton advocates for comprehensive teaching of Black history to children, emphasizing it’s importance throughout the year for the holistic development of young minds. With a commitment spanning over 10 years in educating children about Black history, her efforts extend beyond the classroom.

Furthermore, Mrs. Burton is the founder of the Supporting Professionals Network Association (SPNA), a non-profit organization dedicated to Family Child Care professionals. SPNA serves as a dynamic platform for networking, advocacy, and mentoring, offering specialized training aimed at enhancing quality care promoting best business practices in the field. Her contributions to early childhood education and professional development are both significand and influential, reflecting her deep commitment to the advancement of learning and care in this vital sector.

Areas of Excellence:

  • Over 20 years of remarkable experience in Best Practice and Early Childhood.
  • Ability to bring best practices with examples of work
  • Superior communication skills
  • Family Child Care Coach
  • Certified Nature Classroom
  • Certified Yoga Pre-school Instructor